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With 25yrs experience in the IT Industry including Windows Help Desk Support,  Networking, Custom PC Builds, Upgrades,
Virus Removal, Data Recovery and much more you are in safe hands.

My Experience has shown time and time again many issues are best addressed off-site unless the downtime is costing you money.

Fault Finding/Trouble Shooting, Virus & Malware scans, Windows Updates & Drivers can all take some time.

Why pay for an Expensive House Call?

A FREE* pickup & delivery service is available to those unable to drop off.

Services List


Case Service** – A dust, Vacuum & New Heatsink Paste
Clone/Data Backup** – On your own hard drive or with an installation
Power Supply Units (PSU) – Replace a non-working PSU or upgrade.
Video Cards – Upgrade for the latest games, a HDMI connection or dual screens.
Mainboard, CPU and Ram – Upgrade the main components whilst keeping your Case, HDD and DVD.
Hard Drive – Replace your old HDD or add another new larger faster drive.
Case with PSU – Replace your old case with a new one with a better PSU.

Windows PC & Laptop

Basic Windows Install**  – For those happy to install software etc and just wanting a working Windows machine.

Full Windows Install – For those with little or no experience installing software, updates and patches. Everything is done for you.

Full Service – This will suit those without the original software to reinstall programs like MS Office.

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** Not included with free pickup/delivery.  Add $10.00
* Free Pickup/Delivery within 10mins of Dakabin, otherwise Add $10.00

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