Windows Installation

A Windows Install is $55.00* and will take 3-24hrs.
This is the drop off price and suits those just wanting a working Windows machine.

Please note this is considered a fresh install.  All data on the hard drive will be wiped when formatted.
A Windows Install with backup is $77.00*.  Your own external drive can be used if you like.

Running Diagnostics to check your system for hardware problems.
Install the Windows Operating System.
Update System & Device Drivers
Check your display settings are set correctly.
Restore Data Backup (If Required)
Create Windows Recovery Restore Point.
Overall System evaluation.

A Full Windows Installation comes with a fully updated Windows, Avast Anti-Virus software and more
A Full Service is for those without the original software to reinstall programs like MS Office.
* Not included with free pickup/delivery.  Add $11.00