Full Service

A Full service is $165.00 and will take 24-48rs
It is for those without the original software discs to reinstall programs like MS Office.

Your Data is safe because a copy of your drive is made before starting.  The Hard Drive will NOT be formatted.

Backup of your entire hard drive before starting.
Running Diagnostics to check your system for hardware problems.
Update/Install Virus Software and check for viruses.
Update Windows Operating System & Device Drivers.
Update/Patch Microsoft Office Software.
Determine End-of-Life or Insecure Software.
Install Tune-up Software.
Check that your PC is secure from unauthorised access.
Delete temporary and trash files.
Remove unnecessary startup programs.
Uninstall unnecessary programs and components.
Check and correct disk and directory errors.
Ensure you have enough disk space for your future usage.
Check your system for spyware and remove any pests or malware found.
Check your display settings are set correctly.
Check, clean and optimise your windows registry.
Hard Drive Defragmentation
Create Windows Recovery Restore Point.
Dust and vacuum

A Windows Installation is for those just wanting a working Windows machine.
A Full Windows Installation comes with a fully updated Windows, Avast Anti-Virus software and more