Onsite & Pickup

Onsite rates :- $99.00 for the first hour then $1.10 per min there after $66hr GST included

Workshop rates :- $33.00 for the first 20mins. Then $1.10 per min there after $66hr GST included

If you have taken advantage of the free local pickup & delivery service* ( item is expected to be ready to be carried out) and would like us to do more than just that, then we can for a minimum charge.

Dismantle is $11.00 and will allow a technician to unplug and prepare the computer for transport.
Great for those hesitant to get behind the computer.

Installation is $22.00 and a technician will do things like putting all the cords in correctly, attaching cameras, printers, external drives etc, reconnecting the ADSL modem and generally checking everything is working as it should.

You can choose either Dismantle , Installation or both.

Free Pickup and Delivery is within 15mins travel*
Please click here and enter your address for approx travel times.
Outside of Free Area please add $5.50 each way.

Click here for Fixed Priced Workshop Services